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Our vision is to help and save lives, by enabling fast, reliable and affordable medical drone services in a sustainable way.  Carrying critical payloads by drone will overcome limitations of traditional ground transport, including traffic congestion and road accidents.  For this reason we have established ourselves as a respected drone operator who has early on obtained operator licenses under national and since 2021 under EU regulations.  As part of large R&D program we formally operate our partner drones as of 2021, fully in line with the latest EASA regulations.

A viable and sustainable transportation service by UAS requires a complex integration of processes, legislation, services and technologies.  This is especially true when medical requirements come into the picture. Helicus invests in procedural and technical knowledge around unmanned aviation, taking into account the high demanding healthcare use cases.  We have been successful, amongst other by leveraging the expertise and integrating technologies of our partners.  The Helicus Aero Initiative (HAI) is an ecosystem that consists of healthcare, industrial and regulatory partners.  The ecosystem is open to organizations that wish to contribute over the long term and further build their own internal competencies based on joint experiences. 

As of our incorporation in 2016, Helicus has been building towards medical solutions by drone.  On the 3/10/2019, we executed our first urban UTM flight between Sint-Augustine hospital and the University Hospital of Antwerp. Helicus coordinates EU, national, and regional projects for the HAI-consortium. 

Over the last years, a large series of test missions have been executed, that will continue both at BVLOS testing sites as well as between hospitals from Helicus’ 35 hospital partners in urban areas (Flanders, Brussels, North & South Netherlands and Germany) to validate those complex processes, procedures and technologies.  As more test flight missions are being added, the complexity of those flights is increasing as well providing the HAI partners with an expectational broad understanding and robust capabilities. 

In conclusion, the Helicus Aero Initiative is pioneering unmanned aviation through medical transportation by drone.  Indeed, HAI significantly contributes to international initiatives, helping define the future of how unmanned traffic will be integrated with manned aviation and other unmanned traffic in a safe way.  Our final aim is to jointly provide society with innovative, green and socially beneficial healthcare solutions. 

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