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Helicus collaborates and coordinates industry leading software developers and airspace partners to create an integrated & automated drone fleet management solution.  A key component is the Helicus Command-and-Control Center (C2C). For any fleet drone operator, such a C2C forms the core of its drone missions. The second key ingredient is the Drone Cargo Port, which ensures scalable, automatic and safe ground operations.  

When an urgent order is placed, the Command-and-Control Center (C2C) automatically creates flight plans using artificial intelligence, navigating inside a digital twin of the real world.  The C2C then interfaces these flight plans to the applicable Air Traffic Authorities (U-Space Service Providers) for flight authorisation.  In parallel, the same flight plans are uploaded into the drone platform and pre-flight checklists will be performed remotely.  Once approved, the C2C will signal the specific & ready drone for automated take-off.  During flight, the C2C will allow monitoring in order to safely control multiple drone missions simultaneously.  

Helicus maintains the C2C software to perform own demanding medical missions in line with the latest U-Space regulations trough the various R&D projects that we undertake.  Indeed, it is constantly evaluated and improved to fulfil medical need for urgent delivery and interfaces are written for drone partner platforms and traffic authorities (U-Space Service providers).  This platform is made available to other operators who will also require these functionalities in a robust way.

To automate drone handling in a safe and controlled way, Helicus is working on a multi drone platform ground integration solution called the Drone Cargo Port (DCP) since 2018. This advanced integrated electro-mechanical component is able to support remote movements, charge and protect a drone fleet, as well as automate package handling.  Managed via the Command-and-Control Center, it ensures a readiness level to operate urgent missions ensuring safe and reliable drone operations.

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