Helicus is an Antwerp-based company that develops integrated, flexible, and scalable drone-based solution for critical missions together with 100 long term partners. Founded in 2016, we coordinate an international multi-sector ecosystem of leading organizations, called “Helicus Aero Initiative” (HAI), that jointly builds modular and open solutions to implement networks of automated drone services: medical transport by drone.


Our own products link seamlessly with our partners. Helicus develops two products, being (a) drone agnostics ground automation solutions (hardware) and (b) drone agnostic fleet management software. For our partners we need to excel in (c) flight operations. Helicus has organized urban flights between hospitals as of 2019 and became the first airline company (operator) to obtain EU compliant operational authorization to fly with human medical material over urban area beyond the visual line of sight of the pilot.

Flight Operations Coordinator

To reinforce our operations team, we are looking for a Flight Operations Coordinator. You will provide functional, technical and administrative support to our Flight Operations Manager: further evolve our extensive documentation for flight authorisations and execute drone flights with our partners. You will have a strong interaction with several international drone manufacturers, industrial partners, air navigation service providers, U-Space Service Providers and European institutions. You possess English writing skills, a hands-on mentality that is backed-up by a Master and/or (drone)pilot degree?


To reinforce our development team, we are looking for an Engineer, ideally in Electromechanical Engineering, with a broad interest in UAV and UAV applications, and up to 3 years of working experience. You will provide functional and technical support to our industrial stakeholders to co-develop and build several components of our solution (e.g. drone cargo port, drone undercarriage, drone payloads). To support our collaboration with research institutions, part of the job will also be to supervise engineering students with their master thesis or internship.

We offer a start-up spirit with a dynamic multi-disciplinary team of colleagues, all with specific expertise in their field. We operate a small and flat organisation, so you can gain in maturity at your own speed, by managing your own workload and aligning both with internal and project deadlines. You report directly to the head of Flight Operations.

We are housed in The Beacon, a dynamic hub and community of innovative digital companies, all looking to provide solutions to solve the challenges of our cities, ports and industries in the centre of Antwerp. Besides the thrilling experience to work on the development and implementation of a whole new sector, we offer you flexible working hours and the possibility to partially work from home. Career evolution movements are possible in various directions.


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